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Prof. Zang Hee Cho

Prof. Cho received his Ph.D. at Uppsala University (Sweden) in 1966. He is a director at Neuroscience Research Institute, Gachon University of Medicine and Science, Korea. He has been in neuroscience since the inception of the computerized tomography (CT) in 1972. Professor Cho was one who pioneered mathematical algorithms related to CT scanners and developed one of the first 3-D image reconstruction algorithms. Dr. Cho's subsequent work based on 3-D image reconstruction was the first "Ring PET" and its nuclear detector "Bismuth Germanate Oxide (BGO)", both of which revolutionized modern brain-imaging. Prof. Cho is a member of the VeKNI Advisory Committee.

Prof. Norbert Peters

Prof. Peters was educated at the Karlsruhe University of Technology and later at the Technical University of Berlin.He is a director at the Institute for Technical Combustion. Research interest of Dr. Peters is in laminar and turbulent flames. The interaction between turbulence and combustion constitutes an important part of his research. Prof. Peters is well-known for his ideas on flamelet model in turbulent combustion as well as for the systematic generation of reduced reaction mechanisms from detailed reaction mechanisms. Prof. Peters is author or coauthor of about 300 scientific publications and several books.

Prof. Ruediger Dillmann

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rüdiger Dillmann received a Ph. D. at th Karlsruhe University of Technology in 1980. Since 1987 he is as Professor of the Department of Computer Science leader of several research groups. Prof. Dillmann’s research areas are computer science in medicine, robotics with special interest in intelligent, autonomous and mobile robotics, machine learning, machine vision and simulation techniques. Prof. Dillmann is author or coauthor of more than 150 scientific publications and several books. He has been organizer and chairman to various conferences, mainly in the robotics area.

Prof. Eduard Son

Prof. Son received BS, MS, PhD, DrScience at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). He is  Full Professor, Head of the Physical Mechanics Department MIPT. Main fields of research are Basic Research in High Temperature Gas and Plasma, Kinetic Processes in Dense Nonideal Plasma, Dusty PlasmaMolecular and X-Ray La-sers and Nonequilibrium Plasma, Hydrodynamics of Multicomponent Gas in Electric and Magnetic Fields, Instability Problems in the Neutral and Charged Media, Turbulent Flows in Gas and Plasma, Plastic Flows, Thermodynamic optimization of Vehicles, MHD Turbulence. Prof. Son is the author of 220 publications, 14 scientific and educational books.